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Freedom Oklahoma: Cuyler Family on Why Marriage Matters

This new video focuses on Ed Cuyler, a retired Army colonel who served in the Army for 12 years, with 22 years in the Army reserves. He has received a Purple Heart and speaks here about why he wants his daughter to be able to marry the woman she loves.

William & Marge Bradshaw for Utah Unites for Marriage

William and Marge Bradshaw have 5 children and 18 grandkids. Above all, they know marriage is about love and commitment—and all loving couples deserve the rights that only marriage can provide.

The Family Montoya

Dorothy Montoya, 80, of Espanolawas, married for 56 years. She and her late husband raised 6 children, including her openly gay son, Roger, now engaged to his longtime partner Salvador. Dorothy believes all of her children - including Roger - deserve the fundamental freedom to marry.