WATCH: Groundbreaking educational broadcast ads in ME, MN and WA

People across Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington state are having conversations about why marriage matters, inspired by the courageous personal stories featured in a groundbreaking set of new educational broadcast ads. The broadcast ads have been running over the past few weeks, working to educate voters about marriage-related ballot measures that will be put to a vote on November 6, 2012. 

Check out the videos from each of the three states below:


Washington residents will be asked to APPROVE REFERENDUM 74 in order to uphold the freedom to marry for all couples at the ballot, which was passed legislatively by the state legislature in February 2012 and signed into law by Gov. Christine Gregoire.

"Freedom," featuring Washington State Senator Cheryl Pflug, a Republican, debuted during the Olympics:

Former Senator Pflug's video was followed by "Journey," in which Reverend Gib Rossing and his wife, Beth Rossing, share their family's story:


Mainers will be asked to vote YES on QUESTION ONE to proactively pass the freedom to marry at the ballot. The ballot measure is the first time marriage advocates are working proactively to approve marriage for same-sex couples.

Television viewers in Maine have met the Lawsons talking about their gay son:

WWII Vet Harlan Gardner gathers with four generations of his family in this spot, which was celebrated as one of the most effective marriage ads ever when it debuted:

Last year's ads in Maine are still essential to working toward the freedom to marry. One features Paul and Jeanette Rediker reflecting on their 42 year marriage and their lesbian daughter:


Since May of 2011, Minnesota advocates have been working to combat a proposed constitutional amendment that would constitutionally ban same-sex couples from marrying. Minnesotans will be asked to vote NO on the amendment that would limit the freedom to marry.

In Minnesota, Grandparents Yvonne and Fred from Duluth describe why they support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples:

With these three states running public education and advocacy ads about why marriage matters, millions of people across the country are learning more about loving and committed same-sex couples and taking the time to consider why they need to be treated fairly and equally. Continue watching for more TV spots in each of these states!

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