Carmen and Anisia’s Story

Together 30 years, Carmen and Anisia Machado eagerly awaited New Jersey's Supreme Court marriage decision. "We were next door neighbors since grade school, we always liked each other and got along," says Carmen of their meeting. "Our parents and families tried to keep us apart but somehow we survived it all. When we got out of school we moved in together."

Despite Carmen's commitment as an employee of the city, she can't cover her partner on her health insurance. Anisia, therefore, has no health benefits. Their two daughters, however, are covered under Carmen's health insurance.

All children deserve the right to the intangible reassurance that comes from knowing that your family is safe and secure. As Carmen says, "We are a family in every way possible. Our two beautiful daughters deserve all of the benefits that all other children in this great country enjoy, and that is to have married parents. The legal and civil rights enjoyed in the United States by ALL Americans are presently denied to us... Aren't we American?"